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Better Tasting, Healthy Drinking Water in Sherman

Poor water filtration can leave a bad taste in your mouth, rust stains on plumbing fixtures, hard water spots on dishes, dingy clothes in the washer and itchy skin under the shower. Even if your home has clean drinking water, you may still be spending money on bottled water. Fortunately, our Sherman TX plumbing company offers a full line of water softeners, filters and water treatment systems to correct any water quality issues you may have.

Water Filter Installation and Service

Water filters can make the water supply in your Sherman home cleaner, healthier, and great tasting. Many people buy water filter pitchers, bottled water, or a filter for their kitchen faucet, but this won’t keep up with long-term demand for purified water. These halfway “solutions” also provide no help with water quality in the laundry or shower.

Remember, impurities or sediment in your water affect more than just drinking water. Water filter installation, water filter service, and water filter repair can solve a lot of water contamination problems. For example, a whole house water filter can remove the taste and odor of chlorine, and reduce lead, mercury, microbial cysts, sediment, and agricultural pollutants in your water. These pollutants can come from corrosion of household plumbing systems, erosion of natural deposits, decay of asbestos, and run-off from landfills. A whole house water filter is located on the main line before it enters your water heater, so both hot and cold water throughout the house will be filtered!

Filtration Requires Plumbing Expertise

Water filter installation, whether a whole house system or under-sink filter, isn’t something you should do yourself. A project like this requires you to turn off the water supply and cut out a piece of the main supply pipe. It also involves installation of adapter couplings, compression fittings, stable structural work and leak detection. Spencer Plumbing of Sherman provides all these services and more to improve your home’s water quality. We also provide professional water filter repair and pipe replacement if old pipes are part of the water quality problem.

Water Softeners

Not sure if your current system is running properly or efficiently? Spencer Plumbing can assess your current system. We can evaluate the age of your system and test the water coming out of it for hardness, iron and pH levels. Our experienced plumbing technicians also check how often your current system regenerates.

Your supply system needs to treat your water properly, but it also needs to work efficiently so that it wastes as little water as possible. Water is our most valuable natural resource and must be treated that way.

The average life span of a water softener is 10 to 15 years. Many softeners run longer, but their resin tanks begin to foul out and they no longer treat water as efficiently as in the past. This means additional salt and water usage. We can help by installing a new water softening system designed to meet your current needs. Because we are a local company, Spencer Plumbing of Sherman is quite familiar with the local water conditions, resources and how to improve them.

Our experienced Spencer plumbers look forward to solving all your plumbing repair, installation and service needs. Contact a Sherman Texas plumber online, or call (972) 924-9505 or (903) 207-4102 any time!


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History of Plumbing

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